Essay: Mahmood’s Den Blog

Essay: Mahmood’s Den Blog
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The Mahmood’s Den Blog site is run by Mahmood N. Al Yousif, an entrepreneur from Bahrain who runs a media company which he claims makes life easier for creative individuals. Mahmood started the blog in 2001 when Internet blogging was not popular at all in Bahrain. Mahmood is a proud husband and married and is fascinated with Internet and technology which led him to the creation of the blog website. He also runs a number of other blog sites aimed at improving the images of Muslim countries in the world. Web sites that link to Mahmood’s Den include other Bahraini bloggers as well as a number International blogging websites like Saudi Jeans and The Emirates Economist Blog as well as networked blog website.

It is often quoted in Bahraini Newspapers which include Bahrain Tribune.  The readers of Mahmood’s Den include a large number of Bahraini expatriates, as well as Internet users from the whole of the Middle East. The purpose of Mahmood’s Den blog is to provide an inside or the real picture of the life of Arabs in the Middle East. In author’s own word, the purpose of the blog is “to dispel the image that Muslims and Arabs suffer from”. The author has chosen to do this through painting pictures of his own perspective on the issues by spinning a web of words. It started out of the author’s interest in the Internet with previous experience of operating a Bulletin Board Service (BBS). Mahmood’s Den has a clear audience as well. It aims at anyone or everyone who wants to learn about the Bahraini and Arabic lifestyle and wants to know if the Middle East and Bahrain is more that what is told often on the media.

The blog paints a picture of several colors found in the Bahraini and Arabic culture ranging from the topic like entertainment, technology to cuisine. It also contains several posts aimed at highlighting the achievements of young Bahrainis who have achieved something in the life, in an attempt to inspire people around the world to have a positive aura about whatever they are doing. Mahmood’s Den has an automatic commenting facility as well which allows the reader to respond to questions rose in the blog as well as show their own opinion of the point of view that is mentioned in a blog post. Mahmood, the author, and owner of the blog, also participate in commenting in response to readers’ questions as well to clear things which are not very obvious.  This gives rise to a discussion on the post topic and also leads to further expansion of the horizon of the topic. Mahmood’s Den blog mostly contain topic which is either quoted from other website, or even if the news is generated by Mahmood’s Den, it contains links to the website where the background of the news can be found. Though the website doesn’t serve as the main source of information, it does serve the purpose of bringing unique news to the mainstream that is often not given importance by other sources or discussion on topics that people do not usually search about.

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