Essay: Male Driven Society

Essay: Male Driven Society
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Why women have this innate behavior and perception about their life objectives is explained through an article by Elizabeth Cady Stanton where she reflects in her writing all activities and imposition enforced by men in the male driven society. She explains in her article how men exploit women by imposing several ideas onto women and depriving them of several basic needs such as right of owning property, earning wages, legal rights of married women, right of citizenship and voting (Stanton, 1848).

Another misconception pointed out by one of the articles is that modesty is misunderstood for prudery both by males and females alike. This article also outlines how society as a whole has shifted from being modest to being liberal in expressionism. The article implies that a person cannot simply choose to be modest and not be blamed for prudery as the two are mistakenly taken to be synonymous. This choice is further criticized when implemented by a female as people interpret her to be conservative or state that these people feel insecure about themselves which signifies the fact that gender differences highly impact choices people make (Shalit, 2001).

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