Essay: MAMP

Essay: MAMP
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MAMP is the WAMP equivalent stack for Mac operation system; hence, it is an acronym for MacOS Apache MySQL and PHP. It is an open source software stack while used for dynamic web page development on Windows. There are currently two distributions of MAMP available on the Internet. The first one is the XAMPP’s Mac Version while the second one is incidentally called MAMP (Pollini & Marcroft, 2009).

Similar to WAMP, an MAMP distribution also consists of a number of other libraries to perform functions like text manipulation, operations related to graphical formats, establishing and managing secure connections as well as encryption operations. In additions to these libraries, MAMP distributions also contain PHP code Accelerator (e-Accelerator), caching libraries as well as the famous Zend Optimizer. MAMP distributions are also distributed free of cost under GNU public license. The configuration of tools and libraries that come with MAMP is done in a very similar fashion to any other combined distribution of Apache, MySQL, and PHP on any operating system (MAMP, 2009).

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