Essay: Man and Woman Relationship

Essay: Man and Woman Relationship
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Tannen makes the issue that both sexes need to realize the inherent dissimilarities in their connection methods in order that they don’t anticipate the impossible. There is middle ground where men and women can rendezvous and find understanding. Women should discover that the kind of intimate converse they have with their girlfriends should stay just that.

Trying to turn your man into a woman companion will generally go incorrect because men, in general, don’t conceive sentiments of closeness in that way. Men, too can realize that when their woman is conversing, she is trying to attach to him–she’s not just conversing to converse, neither is she endeavoring to readjust the rank of their relationship. By distributing more of himself he displays her, in a way she can realize that he’s not impelling her away; that he does really love her and desire to be close to her.

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