Essay: Management Structure

Essay: Management Structure
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Answer. According to Jones and George (2003), a management structure needs to be highly flexible to respond quickly to the increasingly dynamic environment. A flexible structure is one in which the message through communication channels flows very quickly from the top layer that is the president or senior management to the bottom layer which would be the employees of a particular branch in their chain and vice versa.

In today’s fragile and uncertain environment, organizational structure becomes even more important (Jones & George, 2003). Managers of a branch may need to take quick action to solve a problem and waiting for the vice president of their departments or the president to decide the course of action after the information is relayed to them through multiple channels is a waste of time and the problem might grow from being a small one to a substantial problem.

Therefore, I feel that the best structure is one that is flatter and decentralized so that flow of information is faster and the issues get resolved quickly and efficiently. To facilitate this structure, lower level managers will need more information so that they can make informed decisions and benefit the company.

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