Essay: The Manifesto of the King of Oudh

Essay: The Manifesto of the King of Oudh
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The document from the king of Oudh (428), document from Sir Henry Lawrence (409), and a ‘proclamation to the people of Oudh’ (404) are also important in delineating the features of the war of 1857. The manifesto of the king of Oudh was published in ‘Delhi Gazette’ at the early period of the rebellion and when the wound of defeat was still fresh for the native population of India (428).

“As the participation of the taluqdars gave the revolt roots in the Oudh countryside, and indeed kept the rebellion alive for a full six months after the fall of the capital city of Lucknow in March 1858” (Metcalf, 47). The manifesto, according to the author, gives hints of what the princes themselves thought about the devastated series of events as well as ‘sheds some light’ on the driving forces of the rebellion (429). The document bears importance than the other historical documents as it manifested the emotions and thoughts of a native on the rebellion. At that time only few of the natives had the opportunity to access the press to publish their rage and abhorrence of the British rule, which they had deterred since the arrival of the British merchants.

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