Essay: Man’s Life

Essay: Man’s Life
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His father wants him to study hard as he has a great responsibility towards changing his country. Following this path, Bazarov obediently starts to study for very long hours and thus his health starts to deteriorate and he is isolated in his room where he eventually dies due to a serious ailment. He is not capable of surviving in a world where he cannot live with his own free will and where societal and generational conflicts play a major role in deciding an individual’s fate. Turgenev tries to prove in his writing through the characterization and fate of Bazarov that man’s life is what he makes of it and rank and social structure should not be the deciding factors for the existence of man. He illustrates this in his last paragraph: “Oh, no! However passionate, sinful, rebellious the heart buried in the grave, the flowers growing on it look out at us serenely with their innocent eyes”(ch. XXVIII, p.248).

Unlike Bazarov, in terms of the societal norms in her time, Hedda is rather dissimilar from other people. She is rebellious and finds herself unfit in the role of the self-effacing wife and does not want to fit that role. Her father has skilled her for activities that are normally framed out for men, such as riding and shooting. Hedda Gabler was a girl raised by her military father, and he clearly imposed authority and categorization in her young age. Her beauty and masculinity are confronted when Miss Tesman states: The way she was used to having things in the General’s time. Do you remember her riding along the road with her father? In that long black habit? And with a feather in her hat? (Act 1, line 34, p.168)

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