Essay: Mapping of Volcanic Hazard

Essay: Mapping of Volcanic Hazard
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The main remote sensing systems that are used to obtain data are through combination of the thermal, Synthetic Aperture Radar, optical GIS technology[1]. To this effect the data obtained from these four combined systems is useful in volcanic hazard mapping. In order to do this efficiently, mapping strategy identifies the old lahars flow through the use of sensors so that projection and evaluation of a possible development of new lahars flows on the volcanoes can be made.

Additional techniques that are used to supplement the volcanic hazard is through the use of observation and mapping of the extent of major volcanic and volcanoclastic deposits whereby it enhances the risk zonation studies that substantiates the mapping of volcanic hazard.

[1] Stevenson, Siegal. 2006.  Remote Sensing Application in Geology. Pp. 294

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