Essay: Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

Essay: Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes
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One of the most recent instances of Marijuana legalization in the United States has been the passing of proposition 215. Proposition 215 is also called the compassionate use act. It speaks of the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. It permits seriously ill Californians to use Marijuana strictly under the recommendation of doctors. It also gives legal defense to doctors who prescribe it to their patients (Institute Of Governmental Studies, 2003). There have been many forces in the federal government which have said that the legalization of Marijuana in any shape of form will lead to anarchy.

However, there has been a study which has shown the relationship between the use of Marijuana in San Francisco and Amsterdam which found that the criminalization of Marijuana does not deter its usage and the decriminalization of Marijuana does not increase its usage. Contrary to popular belief, this study has proven that the legality of Marijuana will not lead to the increased use of the drug in many communities, nor will it became a gateway to several harder drugs as it has been suggested. All criminalization truly does as this study proves is making criminals of those people who smoke Marijuana and create more of a burden on the American Economy (Reinarman, Cohen, & Kaal, May 2004).

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