Essay: Market Opportunities Available for Blackberry going forward

Essay: Market Opportunities Available for Blackberry going forward
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Answer. BlackBerry is going to face tougher competition than it has ever endured in its short life. By entering the main fray, it will be “roughed up” by its rivals, who will try to drive it away before it seizes any of their market.

BlackBerry will have to reposition itself and focus more on attributes that are more important in the eyes of the mass market. For example, the issue of price becomes more important now. BlackBerry has launched new models that cater to the price sensitive users, such as students. For example, the BlackBerry 7100T is available for $199, which is much less than most existing BlackBerry products and also less than competitive brands (Business Week, 2004).

To compete for women consumers, BlackBerry has launched the Pink BlackBerry Pearl that specifically targets women (Gizmodo US Edition, 2008). The pink color has traditionally been seen as feminine, so the pink handset clearly targets this segment. The pink handset may also appeal to other segments such as homosexuals.

Additionally, BlackBerry has considered launching the 3 G Capable BlackBerry and the Touch Screen BlackBerry smart phones and palmtops that are in direct competition with products of competitors such as Apple (Malley, 2008). These new technological innovations will attract the “techies” and computer and technology oriented consumers.

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