Essay: Marketing Communication Strategy

Essay: Marketing Communication Strategy
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1. Introduction

In this age of globalization, it is now evident that many companies the world over gave profoundly recognized the numerous benefits of corporate social responsibility, as they have been increasingly embarking on socially and environmentally responsible activities to promote their corporate image and to gain the trust and confidence of their customers.

Many business organizations from different parts of the world have embarked on corporate social responsibility as part of their marketing communication strategy in order to have a competitive edge in the global market. Since corporations and all kinds of business organizations are motivated by higher profit margins and revenues, they have discovered some effective ways to improve their corporate image and to better deliver their respective corporate messages to the public, and one of them is corporate social responsibility, a term that refers to corporate conscience, sustainable responsible business, or ethical social performance (Kamauff 2009,pp. 224).

The goal of this research is to investigate the influence of corporate social responsibility on marketing communication strategy by a company operating in two different environments.

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