Essay: Marketing GIS as Spatial Decision Support Systems

Essay: Marketing GIS as Spatial Decision Support Systems
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Geographic Information System is software to connect a location with the description of that location. Being a decision support system it does not just give you any single dimension of a map but explains it by unveiling many layers of information in different aspects. These digital maps are not like conventional paper maps; their intelligence is accredited to Geographical information System technology. It is a user friendly software system which can help in making the processing information easy to get in an effective way.

Moreover it can be handled by any novel user. It serves the information like the location of spot, length of the road, the distance and area being covered is saved in digital format as layers of information. A sort of heap of data is generated as layers of information and is displayed on user’s query. This heap consists of different geographical features like rivers, roads, etc. The layers can be displayed or hidden as per user’s desire to control the amount of information about an area (ESRI, 2008).

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