Essay: Marketing mix for the new detergent

Essay: Marketing mix for the new detergent
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As the target market size is huge comprise more than 50% of the population of the Latin America, so the objective would be to sell a large number of units at comparatively less price. However, it is suggested that before the full launch of the product, the market should be extensively researched and calculated in term of volume and value, so that the strategy evolved could be more successful and forecasting errors can be avoided. Furthermore, the new brand should have some kind of innovation so that it appears different from the competition. In other words, its positioning should convey the message of clear benefit to the customer because our target market is very much prudent about the cost and quality of the brand. Following is the recommended marketing mix for this new brand.

Price: As Unilever is targeting low-income market and it has already a brand (camperio) in the market, which also focuses on cost reductions, so i think, there exists a potential danger of cannibalization. Therefore, it is suggested that a new name should be introduced, having less price than camperio, many be in the range of 1$ to 1.5$, but with better quality in terms of cleanliness.  The major competitor brand will be “pop” of P&G and “invicto” by ASA. To compete with these brands, Unilever has to focus on the value of the product i.e. delivering more benefits than the price paid for it.

Promotion: For targeting this market, the promotional mix should be such that it could easily target the market and the cost effective as well. At the launch of the product, Unilever should go for below the line activities (BTL). In the beginning, it should introduce some schemes like giving free samples, discount in terms of quantity, money-saving incentives, coupons and personal selling etc. These activities should be backed up by advertising on the radio, newspaper and local TV channels. It should be considered that the communication message should be same everywhere mainly focusing on the value for the customers, so that maximum output can be achieved. It should be kept in mind that words of mouth play very important role in promoting the product. Unilever should also try to leverage its existing reputation for quality of its brands in the market. It should appear as the extension of the existing family of detergent, carrying the same level of quality, but for the price conscious customers.

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