Essay: Matriarchic Theory

Essay: Matriarchic Theory
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The northern cradle civilization was famous for not allowing their women to even worship their gods. They were forbidden to enter the worship places. There was a custom that women when born used to belong to her father, when young belongs to her husband, and when old belong to her sons. The height of destitute was that she was not allowed to live her life her way. She was supposed to worship his husband like the creator and after the husband dies she also donate herself to the fire. Under the English law husbands were referred as the lords of women and were allowed to even beat them whenever they want. This was done in the northern cradle society known as patriarchic form of governance (Carruthers 1977).

Matriarchic theory used to be implied in the southern cradle. As opposed to the patriarchic form where a woman has to leave her regime and join the husband’s tribe, in matriarchy the social system declares a marrying man to leave his tribe or family. Also he has to bring the dowry. In this system there was a mutual decision for who to be the ruler and other posts were also decided by mutual understanding of both the genders. The southern cradle woman was stronger, farming used to be done by the woman. Food supply in the society was controlled by the women. Women’s integrity and individuality was maintained even after their marriages. Women were considered as a sacred gift of God (Carruthers 1977).

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