Essay: Media and Health Organizations on Swine Flu

Essay: Media and Health Organizations on Swine Flu
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Moreover, a projection that is often given by the media and the health organizations about the swine flu is that it is a special type of flu, making it seem more dangerous. Though the Swine flu may be different, health organizations have prescribed a similar set of patterns to the public for prevention and containment of Swine flu as they have for seasonal influenza. These precautions include covering of mouth and nose while sneezing, proper washing of the hands, avoidance of contact with sick people.

Also, the CDC website states that Swine flu spreads in the same way as seasonal flu does and can be recovered using the same type of  drugs that doctors prescribe for seasonal flu patients. All these facts imply that Swine flu is very similar to seasonal flu, as it can be avoided in the same manner as well as recovered from using the same type of medicine, the anti-viral drugs. Furthermore, the statement that Swine flu does not pose a major threat is fortified by the CDC’s own statement on their own website that most people who became ill with the H1N1 virus recovered without any medical treatment (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

In addition, the media and the governmental organizations have used complex wording that creates an intimidation to create public. Take the word “pandemic” for example, which has been used to give an impression of the disease that has spread in an uncontrollable manner and has caused deaths on a large scale. Contradictory to the claims of the media and the government, the word pandemic is not defined in the dictionary as lethality. Pandemic simply describes the fact that swine flu is found in a large number of groups in many countries (American Council on Science and Health). Seasonal flu in comparison infects a lot more people each year, but the fact that it has never been declared a pandemic goes to show the deceiving nature of the WHO.

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