Essay: Is it just memory loss

Essay: Is it just memory loss
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Coming back to our thesis statement Alzheimer’s disease is an alteration of individual’s actions, behavior, cognition, understanding, bodily abilities and memory. Some examples are as follows:

  • Memory loss: Forgetting information or data learnt recently is among the many common signs of dementia. Memory loss results in a person forgetting often and not being able to remember the information afterwards.
  • Difficulty performing familiar tasks: People afflicted with dementia frequently find it tough to plan or complete daily errands. These people may forget the different steps that are required to prepare a meal, making a phone call or even strategies to play a game.
  • Problems with language: People with Alzheimer’s usually cannot recall easy words or replace atypical words, making their verbal communication or writing hard to comprehend. They may be incapable of finding toothbrush, for instance
  • Perplexity to time and place: People with Alzheimer’s can turn out to be mislaid in their own neighborhood, not remember where they are and how did they manage to get there, and not know how to get back to their homes.

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