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The word mentoring has a Greek origin. Mentor was one of Odyssey’s friends who used to take care of the house and manage and look over all its tasks in Odyssey’s absence. This, in some way, gives meaning to the term mentoring which also relates to guiding, assisting and helping.  Normally it is considered to be an interaction between an old and a younger person where the senior one mentors the junior one.

A mentor has a key role and must possess strong leadership skills. He or she must be a good teacher and must be able to understand the various psychological orientations of people under him and assist accordingly. He needs to understand that while authority lies in his hands, he must not misuse it and the prime objective should be the betterment of his subordinates along with the achievement of the completion of the desired objective.

Mentoring on an organizational level refers to a manager sharing tips and experiences with employees in order to improve their productivity as well as the quality of work. On a business level, two terms namely ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ exist. They have a slight difference between them in practice. Coaching is a more liberal way of interaction in which the potential of employees and possibilities are chalked out. Mentoring, on the other hand, is a relatively authoritative way and deals with producing results by channelizing the employee’s potential in the right direction.

At the organizational level, mentoring should not only be limited to a certain class but should be carried out at all levels within the organization. This creates motivation for the entire employee sector and enhances competitiveness among all.

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