Essay: Metcalf and the Savage

Essay: Metcalf and the Savage
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Metcalf and Savage present the history of the events of 1857. Moreover Savage goes on to describe the newspaper accounts of the devastations caused by the rebels as he quotes from the Times the stories of the ‘unspeakable crime of rape’ during 1857 (Savage 116). As well as a ‘missionary writing from Calcutta’ reported the tale of the English ladies who were ‘kept forcibly by the wretch for the basest of purposes’ (Savage 116). Savage openly presents the darker side of the British as well who themselves were responsible for the rebellion as he says that the ‘rebellion in India was in 1857 was the most serious challenge to their imperial authority that the British experienced in the nineteenth century’ (Savage 123).

He also admits the devastating role of communication in creating misunderstanding and creating a gulf between the English people and the Indians as he says as a consequence of role of ‘communication; the ‘anxiety and fear that ran through the British-Indian community took the form of exaggerated rumor’ and was ‘distilled to the image of savagery and horror’ and was ‘transmitted to the British public at large’ (Savage 123).On the other hand the primary sources, manifestos, and documents give a more faithful account of the events of 1857. But Savage defends himself as an objective historian by calling the 1857 events a ‘rebellion’ as the word was to be used by the ‘modern scholars’ (Savage 124).

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