Essay: The Best Microprocessor

Essay: The Best Microprocessor
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DDR is technology of high bandwidth dynamic RAM and cost effective. Another 939-pin package/Socket 939 in the motherboard had a memory controller enhanced to dual-channel controller. This controller has ability to provide better bandwidth of memory comparatively. Package of 940-pin/Socket AM2 supported DDR SDRAM memory enhancing the memory bandwidth to its double rate i.e. 12.8 Gigabytes / second. A major advice for this socket is that it does not support 940 sockets anymore but the AM2 socket in the motherboard. The technology used in these processors is 0.13, 0.09, and 0.65 with the units’ microns (CPU World 2008).

After having an overview of different processor families and their specifications, it can be suggested by having no doubts that AMD Athlon 64 microprocessor is the one to own. The main reason behind this decision indeed is the difference in employment of technology. The use of integrated memory controller by AMD Athlon processor is like a revolt which sends the information back and forth between the processor of computer system and the memory in system ensuring fast execution of operations and differs highly from Intel’s isolated pieces of memory controller which prolongs the processing time between the passing of information between processor and memory (Directron 2008).

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