Essay: Microsoft Office Application

Essay: Microsoft Office Application
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Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the most widely used productivity suite used in the offices of businesses and organizations around the world. No other office productivity suite has able to successfully challenge the dominance of MS Office, for last several years and the experts predict that MS Office will continue to rule the office productivity tools arena for years to come (Microsoft Corporation, 2009). Several reasons have contributed to the achievement of dominance by MS Office in its category, which includes Microsoft’s capitalization on other’s compromising positions, its aggressive marketing campaigns as well as the quality of product offered to its customers.

The story of Microsoft’s domination started in 1990 when Microsoft partnered with Apple and IBM to develop operating systems for both PC and Mac. It was both Apple and IBM that brought Microsoft to the forefront of the software development market by selling Microsoft’s DOS as the default operating system for PCs and OS/2, an operating system jointly developed by Apple and Microsoft, for Macintosh. However, after establishing itself as a major player, Microsoft moved away from joint ventures. Having a large portion of PC operating system market and experience from developing graphical software, Microsoft launched MS Excel for Macintosh.

On Macs, Microsoft faces little or no competition as Lotus, which was the maker of one of the most popular office productivity suite at that time, was releasing its products for DOS. This helped Microsoft establish its market on Macs, which was further hardened by the failed port of Lotus 1-2-3 suite to Mac. After gaining a strong share in Mac’s application market, Microsoft came back to its own operating system, DOS, and started challenging Lotus’s domination. Then by 1990, Microsoft had released its graphical interface for DOS called Windows. Though Windows was buggy and largely underestimated by Microsoft’s competitor, it was able to establish itself as well due to the fact that Windows was a significant improvement over DOS. Having established the market for Windows, Microsoft then moved on to release MS Excel and the first version of MS Word for Windows, which played a major role in making MS Office products largely acceptable. Also, after the release of MS Offices products, Microsoft adopted an aggressive marketing stance, allowing businesses to buy the product at very competitive prices and discounts.

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