Essay: Military Viewpoint of Homo Sexuals

Essay: Military Viewpoint of Homo Sexuals
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Given that homosexuals have always served in the military in one form or another, it is important to first consider why the military would institute such a policy in the first place. Aaron Belkin in his article on whether or not this policy undermines the reputation of the military, sums up their viewpoint of homosexuals using the words of the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Colonel Ronal Ray who says that the confidence and trust of the public in the military would erode if their ban on homosexuality was overturned.

Belkin also quotes Major Melissa Wells-Petry, who argues that integration of homosexuals in the military “would conflict with public reality” causing disastrous consequences for the American people (Belkin, 2008).

In the same study Belkin also notes that the military refuses to even consider accommodation of individuals of a homosexual orientation, since they consider it to be an immoral act. The primary reason behind this course of action taken by the military is simply stated as preventing the loss of solidarity within their units and in turn saving lives (Belkin, 2008).

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