Essay: Our Mind Controls our Suspicion

Essay: Our Mind Controls our Suspicion
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Since the very start of the movie we see the relationship between Morpheus and Neo to be a depiction of relation between Socrates and Plato. Morpheus is the teacher like Socrates, and Neo is the student like Plato. Morpheus is responsible for Neo’s learning of going in and out of the cave and it is Morpheus who relates to Neo that “The Matrix” is a process which combines all the human beings who want to live in it. Once Neo is completely aware of the concept of ‘cave’ he decides that he wants to escape the cave (William, 2002). When ultimately Neo experiences the recurring defiance of being free from the cave, he soon understands that he cannot return.

Consequently, Morpheus connects Neo in the instructional coaching of how to battle against theoretical thoughts and insight. Furthermore, Neo learns that our mind controls our suspicions. Once we let the rival of fright to take over our mental capabilities, the trepidation will always promote conditions towards being the worst.

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