Essay: Ministry of Jesus

Essay: Ministry of Jesus
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God’s purposes’ are those things, which God is about in the world. People committed to the reality of God seek understanding of his involvement in order to be immersed in his concerns. These purposes are not an enigma…. God is not hidden or remote. He has come among us and spoken to us… Jesus Christ is the normative understanding of God’s historical project to establish his governance over the entire created order in justice, reconciliation, peace and compassion. (Brown, et al, p.16)

Considered from the biblical perspective and focusing particularly on the ministry of Jesus, therefore, the pursuit of human rights falls squarely within the demands and concerns of Christian mission. Loving God with all one’s mind, heart, and soul, and loving one’s neighbor as oneself, which is the summary of the Christian faith according to Jesus, underscores the inseparable relationship between religion and human rights. When John the Baptist exhorted the different parties who came to him to observe their religious and social duties, he was advocating the rights of the people to food, clothing and shelter. The soldiers were also admonished to eschew violence against the citizenry (Luke 3:10-14). The theme is also present in the ministry of Jesus for he points out that those who inherit the kingdom will not be those who display outward piety, but those who recognize the rights of the poor to decent living and pay attention to their needs.

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