Essay: Mise-en Scene in Film

Essay: Mise-en Scene in Film
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It is far more important than to consider not only the basis by which the film finds its footing in the horror community but also the stage by which the director creates his vision. The formation of such a stage is known as the Mise-en-scene in film. Essentially what this term implies is the employment of various elements in a scene such as props, makeup, lighting along with character performances and camera movements to establish a two dimensional representation of the directors vision.

Such a combination of shots to create the desired emotional effect was a technique that Hitchcock employed several times in his films. Influenced by German films and their filmmakers Hitchcock found the establishment of individual shots and their composition and editing as a workable scene to be effective in creating a level of tension in his audiences. Hitchcock himself has said that one of his most famous shots which he has employed more than once in a sequence was of a woman in glasses. The iconic shot shows a close up on the woman while she is in a wounded state, an image which was employed to great effect in ‘The Birds’ as well as ‘Strangers on a train.’ Aspects of German montage filmmaking and soviet expressionism were instrumental in creating the visual film style that the director employed throughout his storied career (Veloso).

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