Essay: The Mission (c. 1915) by Benjamin C. Brown

Essay: The Mission (c. 1915) by Benjamin C. Brown
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His method is daringly indistinct, with an abundance of valiant colors directed in powerful, decisive strokes. In my opinion, what I viewed in the first stance is a painting which justifies his impressionist style. The Mission, which was painted in 1915 in oil paints on a Canvas with dimensions 18 x 24 inches. The subject of this painting is Mission San Luis Rey from a distant view.

What stands out in this painting, alike other numerous of the California plein-air creations, the countryside is frequently the stand out theme of this painting with the significant objective as an essential element of the bigger image. The Mission nevertheless sparks the realism in the image which is evident in the painting with a man seated at the street edge and the street extends towards the Mission San Luis Rey. It displays Brown’s bright use of masses of little splatters of vibrant color. Brown apprehended the crunchy, freezing lightweight of early forenoon as it slithers down the sides of the mountain in the direction of the freshly aroused society of Pala. His method is audaciously imprecise, with a plethora of gallant colors directed in powerful, decisive strokes.

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