Essay: The Mission

Essay: The Mission
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His formerly painted landscapes were decorated in better color tones, but what is better done in this painting compared to the earlier piece of art is how he depicted the twirl of the century with the additional tone of Impressionism. This is directed to the theme of ‘The Mission’.

What is striking in this embellishment and magnetize me as well are collectively the mountain and landscapes, fully grown trees, and flowery theme. Given Brown’s fondness for drenched hue, this continues to be the delicacy and sublimity of this painting as well. Brown’s conveys his stance towards Impressionism, in detail, and continues to be the finest amidst the creative individuals of South California.

In holding with this honest and dependable loom to art, the creative individual settled to mindfully and unquestionably view the California Mission. Thus, Realism and its affiliated variations was the method of selection. However, if I was to point out one missing element, I would say it is not gelling in with the title of the painting. The mission is far sighted in the painting and does not indicate exactly that the theme is the mission.

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