Essay: Mixing of the Anecdotal Stories

Essay: Mixing of the Anecdotal Stories
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Another weakness that serves to undermine the rate of interest is the mixing of the anecdotal stories with various statistics which makes things difficult to absorb. The statistics provided in the endnotes must be accompanied with some more background information rather than just been dumped in the end. But this weakness does not overshadow the importance of their being informative.

Next, the chapter on mission statement seems a replica of Franklin Covey’s seminar and the scriptures which put the originality of the author in question. Moreover the absence of citation while comparing Jonathan Edwards and the Juke’s family left the impression that the authors did the research merely to develop this idea. Pipes and Lee in their book state the example of ‘big rocks and little rocks’ without giving credit to the real author of the illustration-Franklin Covey. Besides these things the chapter about mission statement is informative, interesting and influential. The authors of the book must be given credit for teaching the parents about issues they think would be personal and which normally the parents would never allow any other person to interfere with. But it is certainly the talent of the authors that they teach without sounding didactic.

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