Essay: Modern Technological Gadgets

Essay: Modern Technological Gadgets
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It is evident that modern technological gadgets can wear out and get obsolete and therefore have to be repaired or disposed of. However this is not the case here where the tools are periodically renewed through customary rituals or spells; rather, they are the recognizable difficulty of being obsolete (Zipes, 2001). When Ron’s wand gets fractured in a misfortune, it begins to take action like a wrecked electrical gadget with uncovered live wires which also release smoke and sparks. Though he tries to fix it with the ‘spellotape’ this was almost useless (Rowling, Goblet of Fire, 74). Another such broken gadget in Harry Potter is the broomstick that was issued by the school and “vibrated if you flew them too high, or always flew slightly to the left” (Rowling, Chamber of Secrets, 109).

In the very first book of the series, Harry learns mastery in the sport of Quidditch, mostly because of his own will and intelligence, but also because we see that he holds an expensive broomstick (Rowling, Goblet of Fire, 8). In the second book, Malfoy lands up with a newer model of broomstick for his team. Harry, distressed and despaired, does not know how to compete for this. [But he attempts to obtain the Firebolt, which was formulated for an international fight.

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