Essay: Modern Theories about Literature

Essay: Modern Theories about Literature
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Franklin’s thoughts, point of views and experimental bent can be compared to and contrasted with those of his grand British contemporary and leaflet rival, Samuel Johnson. Also, Franklin’s accomplishments in his unlike fields of interest such as science, politics, literature and diplomatic approaches can be viewed parallel with the achievements of other eighteenth century philosophers and people of the same fields as his. Voltaire, Rousseau and Diderot can be considered more prominently in these spaces since he was counted with them in his own times.

It is quite efficient at some point to talk about the customs in which modern theories about literature vary from those of Franklin and shape the responses to his efforts and the reasons that deprived him from attaining the same level of considerations in American literature like Swift and Johnson have. Such discussions can lead to a formation of standards though
(Larson, 1995).

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