Essay: Monitoring and Management of System Resources

Essay: Monitoring and Management of System Resources
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The use of Command Line Interface (CLI) to monitor system resource provides a mechanism for quickly finding out the maximum amount of knowledge about the resource. Execution of command to discovering the system drive usage of memory usage can quickly reveal detailed information of composition of memory usage. However, much of the information provided by the Command Line Interface (CLI) will be made up of numbers which make it difficult to understand the information provided through Command Line Interface (CLI).

Graphical Interface on the other hand, though not reveals as much information as command line, they present information in a fashion that is more understandable by the users. For example, in Windows operating system, which uses a graphical interface, the use of Windows Task Manager is used to display information related to a resource such the processor, memory, and network (if available). This is presented in the form of a dynamic line or bar graph which displays the real time usage of resources by various processes. On the other hand, in Linux operating system all this information can be displayed using command prompt as well through execution of commands such as lsmod, ps, and top command. All these command display t displays a lot of information, the particular information that a user may be looking for, may require a detailed look (Thomas 2006)

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