Essay: MS Access Database

Essay: MS Access Database
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MS Access is another proprietary product of Microsoft Corporation. It is a small DBMS with many limitations on performance and capacity. The main feature of MS Access is its portability. In ACE it is used as part of Hazardous Waste Tracking System used to identify causes and manage sources of excess hazardous waste (HW) generation.MS Access is used in combination with programmable bar code reader to monitor the location and ownership of HW container (ACE Engineering and Development Research Centre, 2009). MS Access being proprietary software costs the US army. Several other free DBMS such as Firebird and MySQL are available in the markets which compete with MS Access. Therefore, costs can be saved by moving to a free portable database.

MS SQL server and Oracle database server are being used in US Army in a variety of systems. Although, they are quite competent in their performance they have disadvantages as well. MS SQL server’s security has always been questionable and Oracle database through reliable are extremely expensive. However, free DBMSs are becoming more reliable and more capable of handling a large amount of data without any compromise on performance. Therefore, a move toward a free database system should be considered as soon as their technology matures.

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