Essay: Musician Skills of Johnny Depp

Essay: Musician Skills of Johnny Depp
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I believe another factor to be very important in shaping Depp to be actor that he is now. That is his musician skills. Once upon a time, he wanted to be successful as a musician. Nevertheless, his acting career was just an alternate career that he developed over the time. However, he never discarded his relaxation and innovative force for music. What we can conclude from this characteristic of the actor is that Johnny Depp does not give up on his objectives even if they are not a source of renouncement and destiny. His dreams are a pursuit to his own personal pleasure and contentment (Robb 33).

Johnny Depp is an example of artistic person who is bold, a risk taker and yet famous. He has inspired me and many other take numerous risks in life, to accentuate on time for what they like to do and develop a sense of adventure. And most prominently, Johnny Depp has helped me learn that I should not let go off something in life just because all those who are around me or for that matter even I believe that I am derisory or powerless to do something. He is a true example of a strong, persistent and a confident human being who never gives up on how to develop, discover, and exist.

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