Essay: Naturalism

Essay: Naturalism
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The literary movement taking place from the 1880’s to 1900’s was called Naturalism. Naturalism utilized realism in entirety and suggested that social conditions, inheritance, and surroundings had an unavoidable strength in determining human characters. It was portrayed as a literary progression that seemed to copy the day to day reality out of our lives, in contrast, other movements such as Romanticism or Surrealism, in which characters might have received an extremely figurative, impractical, or even paranormal treatment.

Naturalism stemmed out from Realism, a significant literary movement which commenced in the in middle of the nineteenth century in France and elsewhere. Naturalistic writers got their influences from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. They believed that one’s inheritance and environment shape one’s character. Whereas realism looks forward to only describing central characters as they actually are, naturalism also steps ahead in determining “logically” the fundamental forces (e.g. the setting or inheritance) empowering the actions of its characters. (Pizer, 1984) Naturalistic works uncovered the dark realities of life, including racism, sex, poverty, discrimination, ailment, prostitution, and dirt. As a result, naturalistic writers were often said to be too blunt. Naturalist literature and Realistic literature share one thing in common and that is their attention to social conditions.

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