Essay: Naturalist American Writer

Essay: Naturalist American Writer
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Stephen Crane is probably the first naturalistic American writer. Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind is one of Stephen Crane’s poem about war and its consequences. In twenty-six lines, the theme of the poem carefully draws attention to the beloveds of the soldiers who lost their lives in the war fields in the middle of the disorder and commotion. The blank verse used by Crane is well matched to the topic of war because it lacks the pleasant patterns rhyme and portrays the real and natural pictures of the war. This poem uses anaphora to impact the theme into the reader’s mind. Towards the middle and end of the poem, Crane moves more towards realism with his writing. “And field where a thousand corpses lie”(Crane & Jacob 22). Stephen Crane’s interpretations of life are seen to be his own thoughts about life and these matches the naturalistic train of thought.

In the story Maggie by Stephen Crane, Maggie is used as a central character to depict the treacherous results that one has to confront when he/she violates the norms of the society and takes over prostitution as a profession, breaking the social boundaries set upon them since birth. People like Maggie are rear in the world that she lives in and according to Crane she “blossomed in a mud puddle. She grew to be a most rare and wonderful production of a tenement district, a pretty girl”. (Crane, 16) Crane’s views of the poor allow him to create his characters as shells absent of conscious thought, leaving them susceptible to the ills of their environment. In Crane’s short stories, he depicts the reality of life for the poor. Crane sees the poor as sub human and gives them no voice in his pieces. They are absent of inner lives. Crane, in his absence of a real knowledge of how the poor felt, is unable to put their thoughts into words.

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