Essay: The Nature vs Nurture Rule

Essay: The Nature vs Nurture Rule
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The first question of course begins by discussing which factors influence the nature vs. nurture rule.  When Lombroso first wrote his book not only did he include anthropomorphic measurements of several subjects as a basis for his findings. His book also included several etiological factors which were common to criminals of that era. When Lombroso was conducting his studies he found that the etiological factors which contributed to the increased crime rate consisted of weather, race, civilization, alcohol, genetics, age, sex and moral education.

The man spoke of several factors in the environment which affected the crime rate just as it did illnesses in human beings. He found that the highest crime rates would often occur in the hottest months of the years with little variation in other seasons and race playing an important role. He also found that criminals are usually between 20 and 30 years of age and begin to show criminal tendencies after puberty sets in. He also found that women were less responsible than men for the crime rate due to their protected status in society. Finally, he found evidence to support the fact that illiteracy is the main breeder of crime in urban areas and that various aspects of civilization such as economic stability were an important factor in deciding the incidence of violent crimes.

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