Essay: Nazis’ Policy did not Allow Women to Work

Essay: Nazis’ Policy did not Allow Women to Work
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The Nazis had a policy that did not allow women to work. However, as most of the men were sent to the warfront, the women and children had to work. They were employed in industries that produced steel and weapons for the war. Children had to walk from door to door in order to collect the materials they would need to make the necessary weapons for the war.

As Germany’s defeat became imminent, conditions in the country worsened to the point that one had to do whatever they could in order to survive. Thus, prostitution, crime and the black market flourished. Moorehouse (2010) paints a vivid picture of the conditions of the civilians in his book by stating that as they were forced to eat bread and potatoes due to the strict rations, a lot of people put on weight due to the excess carbohydrates. Additionally, halitosis afflicted many as they did not have the necessary items to take care of their dental hygiene.

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