Essay: Negative Impact of Computers

Essay: Negative Impact of Computers
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Negative Change in Social Norms

While computers have contributed so much to enhance our experience of socializing, it also has had some negative impact as well. The major concern that people feel about the introduction of computers in our lives, is that it has taken away the feel factor from our social habits. People don’t need to be in physically present to meet each other. Many meetings are related to emotions, and they could only be made perfect by the presence of feel factor. But people are beginning to prefer the use of instant messengers and webcams, as they provide a quicker and cheaper way to communicate, and losing interest in the actual experience of the meeting. So, in a way, we can say that computers have made people lonely (Beardon, and Whitehouse).

Rise in Sexual Crimes

Another concern that people get through the use of computers, is the threat of child abuse, perversion and stalking have risen (Casey). The criminals use information about the suspect to commit a crime, which can be easily collected through instant messengers and public profiles on social websites, though many the companies running the social websites have taken numerous steps to protect the privacy of its users (BBC).

Cyber Crimes

As more and more financial institution moves to e-facilities through the use of computer technologies, theft related to identity and other personal information and fraud has risen. The negative side of using computer technology is that it is never perfect; hence many individuals are able to exploit it for stealing the identities of others and use it for their own personal benefit.

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