Essay: Negative Impacts of Land Acquisition

Essay: Negative Impacts of Land Acquisition
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Nonetheless, the negative impacts of land acquisition after annexations were overwhelming. Chiefly, land expansion led to widespread racism. The conquered states represented the racial minorities who were later subjected to long periods of servitudes. The populations of the annexed land were also perceived as inferior and this was marked by segregation in term of infrastructural. Additionally, the fields required numerous laborers identified along the lines of their skin color. Emergence of white supremacist groups that saw the colored and the blacks as impure, advocated for clear separation of social organization amongst the races (James, p. 17). This was detrimental to the general peace as racial tension became a common phenomenon in the emerging American society.

The loss of cultural practices and the general way of life of the annexed populations was a negative impact. All the people within the society were compelled to practice American ideals. This unification of people’s cultures led to massive cultural erosion that made some populations like the Irish to loose their identity (Croly, p.127).

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