Essay: Network Addresses

Essay: Network Addresses
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Network addresses assigned to the user should not be altered without the proper permission of systems and security. For personal advertisements, one is not allowed to advertise and promote personal information on the network. The networking protocols are also forbidden to be applied, such as DHCP, IGRP, RIP, port scanners or network monitors (FDU).

Security measures under the policy include that the user have to use their own ways to make their data secure. These ways may include encoding techniques to save sensitive data. Any shortfall in network security would affect the data integrity. Security against damages is provided by information system and technology in more or less realistic way. However this is not possible to pledge for it (FDU).

Privacy measures in policy are directing towards the warnings which are given against storing any confidential data. Sometimes situations occur in which a student while helping another student starts having access to the instructor’s data regarding the relevant subject. Such type of privacy should be maintained by backup support, and upgrades of software, and trouble-shooting activities (FDU).

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