Essay: Network and Internet Security

Essay: Network and Internet Security
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a)  Compare the processing required to provide privacy service and the processing required for authentication and integrity. Which one is more complex? Explain.

Processing required in providing a privacy service involves mapping of an entire message into another message of same size, by removing redundancy from the original message through the use of compression. It is a requirement of privacy service that each bit must be secured and must be recoverable at the receiver’s end. On the other hand, authentication and integrity processing only requires binary outcomes, that is, a user has passed the authentication or not. Thus, information required for processing can be reduced a small number of bits. Hence, the processing required for providing a privacy service is much less complex than processing required for authentication and integrity (Singh, 2007).

b)  Who should be involved in approving access to systems and applications?

A. The system administrator or custodian

B. The business owner

C. The proposed user’s supervisor

D. All of the above

The correct Answer is D (all of the above).

c)  Which of the following is a type of preventive/technical access control? Explain.
A. Biometrics for identification
B. Motion detectors
C. Biometrics for authentication
D. An intrusion detection system

The correct answer is C (Biometric for authentication).

Biometrics used for authentication of user for accessing a system is a type of preventive technical access control. That is it is used to prevent a user from access the system he may not be authorized to use. On the other hand both motion detectors and intrusion detection system are used to detect any unauthorized access and can be considered as detective technical controls (John Wiley & Sons, 2009).

d)  Which of the following is considered the first line of defense against human behavior? Explain.

A. Policies

B. Cryptography

C. Physical security

D. Business continuity planning

The correct answer is……

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