Essay: Network Architectures & Operating Systems

Essay: Network Architectures & Operating Systems
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The advent of Information Technology has led to it being used in all walks of life. Computers have found their use in business, industry and education as well as for domestic purposes. Hence, currently, many software developing companies are following trend to make computers more user friendly through the use of graphics. Desktop environments such as MacOS, Windows and KDE, provide a very graphical and interactive environments for computers which makes it easier for computer users to harness its potential to their advantage. Despite their popularity, Graphical Interface based software such as operating systems and other applications have not been able to capture their market completely. Software that make use of Command Line Interface (CLI) (CLI) are still available in the market and used in number of ways to provide functionalities in software or to enhance them. The purpose of this essay is to explore the use of Command Line Interface (CLI) in today’s computing environment. It presents a number of uses that the Command Line Interface (CLI) can be used in an operating system and critically analyses its use in comparison to other ways of accessing the functionalities provided by the operating system.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

In contrast to graphical environments of operating systems, which provide functionalities through the use of a pointing device such as a mouse, a Command Line Interface (CLI) allows for performing of different task by providing a mechanism of interacting with computer through commands. A Command Line Interface (CLI) is usually provide by a command line shell and works by executing of commands. A system using Command Line Interface (CLI) waits for the user to provide instruction in the form of a command along with its parameters, which is usually done by pressing the Enter key afterwards. The command line interpreter then takes over. It receives the command and analyzes it for being internal or external command. It then asks the shell to perform the necessary functionality if the command is internal or begins to execute the appropriate command application if the command is external. In other words, a command line interpreter acts as an interpreter between the computer and the user, transforming the language understandable by computer into human understandable form and vice versa.

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