Essay: Network Communications

Essay: Network Communications
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In today’s world computer networking plays an important role in providing the connectivity to the people and businesses was which enable to share their resources efficiently and quickly. However, increase in demand of data has also required that the networks be designed in an optimal way such that they not only fulfill the current demand that is required of them but also cater to future needs. In an effort to design networks that can show tremendous flexibility, it is important that the network designers have the right knowledge and tools (León-García & Widjaja, 2004). A combination of both can result in the design of a network which is not only optimal but also efficient. Of the many tools that are used in learning about network technologies as well as building real life networks, Packet Tracer 5.2 and OPNET Modeler are two of the most popular applications. However, several differences exist between the two which are highlighted in the lines below.

Packet Tracer is a powerful tool by Cisco Systems which offers a comprehensive networking technology learning experience. It allows for the creation of power simulations, visualizations as well authoring and assessment and collaboration capabilities. It is provided to faculty, students and alumni of the Cisco Academy program and offers the students and teacher a tool to learn the fundamentals as well as principles on which networking works. Being able to simulate network built using Cisco devices, it also serves to develop Cisco Technology specific skills. Packet Tracer’s embedded activities offer an interactive learning environment for learning networking concepts by extending the classroom into a virtual arena of exploration, experiments as well as an explanation by visual simulations of virtual networking environments (Cisco Systems, 2009).

OPNET Modeler is a network simulation application by OPNET Technologies which offers a comprehensive solution to professional network designers as well as a researcher to simulate network technologies in simulated situations in order to gain accurate results of their behavior in real life. It allows them to plan multi-layer networks, analyze parameters for misconfiguration, inefficiencies and security holes as well as create a real-time visualization of production networks (OPNET Technologies, 2009).

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