Essay: Network Design

Essay: Network Design
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In today’s world business connectivity is crucial. In an organization where computers, and hence user, are connected through networking has much better productivity and is able to make the decision much more quickly and reliably. These benefits are achieved through connectivity and sharing of information and resource. By connecting to the network, users are able to communicate with each other through the use of instant messengers as well as email while also sharing files. Also, through networking, it is possible to share hardware resources such as Hard Drives and Printer which makes the use of resource much more efficient.  In many organizations, computers connected through network also share a single connection, which otherwise would only be available on one computer. Furthermore, networking in a business environment allows for organization of data and restricting it to a certain resource (such as Server PC) which would allow for the implementation of much better data security as well as ease of maintenance (Kozierok, 2005).  In this report, we have attempted to connect offices of an organization which is in different cities of Australia. The aim is to build a network that is structured and secure while providing connectivity to all three offices.

Description of Scenario

The scenario given for this report is an Australian company with three offices located in Brisbane and Sydney. Each department in the company has a separate network on which computers are connected either with wireless router or hubs with computers running a variety of operating system such as Windows XP, Vista as well as Mac OS X. There is also file server running Windows Server 2003 in the Brisbane Head Office and also a website that is being hosted in the Sydney office which is accessible on the Internet. The aim of this network redesign is to provide a new network that is not only easier to troubleshoot in case of fault occurrence but also provide resistance against any attack or malicious software infection.

New Technologies Introduced in the Design

There are a lot of new technologies which will be introduced in the new network design. The current network design at all the offices is based mostly on the use of LAN without much support for accessing information from other departments. In order to organize their structure and to provide connectivity, Routers have been introduced at all three offices. Furthermore, in order to protect the computers from external attacks, such as viruses, worms or crackers, Firewalls have been put in front of all connections leading to the external network. In Brisbane Development office and in Sydney office, Hubs will be replaced Switches. The main reason for this replacement is that Hubs do not offer collision domain break up. That is, all computers or other devices of the network use the same channel to communicate which has a fixed bandwidth (i.e. the bandwidth is divided between the equipment). As a result of this, a frequent collision can occur on the network when two or more devices try to communicate at the same time, severely affecting the network performance. A switch, on the other hand, breaks up collision domain on each of its port, which means that any device connected to the switch has full bandwidth available to it, which can be utilized for transmission. Also, the Brisbane Development office, as well as the New Sydney office, will require a new connection for external connectivity which will also introduce new modem equipment (Lammle, 2007).

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