Essay: Network Security and Firewalls

Essay: Network Security and Firewalls
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Scenario 1

• How should Sylvie have configured the network share to prevent this occurrence from happening?

In order to prevent such an attack from happening, Sylvia should have configured a network drive in such a way that it would have been protected by a password. Furthermore, a folder name ‘Confidential’ is a straight giveaway and attracts the attention of anyone who sees the folder. So, a more passive name, as well as hiding of the folder at a lower level, could have been more helpful in preventing such an attack.

• Should Sylvie have loaded the confidential data onto her laptop computer or stored it on some other removable media, such as a flash drive, for safe keeping? What are the potential pitfalls of doing this?

Even if Sylvia would have loaded the confidential information on her laptop or on any other removable media, chances of security of the data being compromised would have still been there. A Laptop for personal use is usually not fully protected as the systems which are taken care of by professionals. There patching of vulnerabilities as well as updating of protection software such as anti-virus and firewall software are not usually done on regular basis. Hence access to the system can easily be gained by hacker once the system becomes available online. Furthermore, the copying of data onto a removable media such as USB drive would have also increased the risk of data compromise as it could easily be read by anybody who can get hold of it. Furthermore, there is always a chance of a USB stick getting lost.

• What steps can the network administrator take to ensure that a similar occurrence is not repeated?

In order to ensure the security of the systems, anti-virus and firewall software can be installed and configured on all system, by the network administrator, with frequent updating of their definition files. The users should not be allowed to share their credentials or their systems with each other. Furthermore, access to the remote system should be restricted. And users should be actively discouraged to use remote access facilities (like VPN) or emailing files to their personal email addresses. Furthermore, users should also be discouraged from trusting anybody else other than themselves.

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