Essay: Network

Essay: Network
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Mr. Smith is the IT head of a company, which is facing a lot of problems in the network which connects its different departments. A detailed analysis of the network has revealed that a number of issues exist in the network with regards to connectivity and security of the devices as well as the information that is stored on the company services. Furthermore, Mr. Smith also wants a recommendation for testing of video conferencing, which would be used for communication between remote offices of the company. A recommendation on testing as well as solutions to the company’s network problems is provided in the following lines.

For video conferencing among remote offices, Pilot Testing program is recommended. Pilot testing refers to the trail run on devices and technologies that a customer plans to use. It would allow Mr. Smith to evaluate the performance and quality of video conferencing service that the company would be getting after it is implemented.  It would also allow in establishing whether the current network capacity allows for video conferencing service to run or how much more capacity would be required to run the service. It would further allow the company to evaluate services from multiple companies and choose the best option. Prototype testing is not the best option in this scenario because prototype testing is used when a new product is being developed for a specific use and it needs to be further developed through testing. Video conferencing is already a mature technology (Emmett, 1988).

Regarding the naming of network devices, the naming structure on the network should allow for identification of PCs, Servers and other devices even when remotely seen or accessed. It is therefore recommended that all devices on the network should follow department-device/PC type naming convention. The number can be added to the end of this convention if there are more than one devices or PCs for the same purpose. For example, the server for Human Resource Department should be named HR-Server; Corporate Administration Department server should be named CA-Server, while PCs in Accounting Department should be names Acc-PC1, Acc-PC2, Acc-PC3 and so on. Network devices should be named accordingly. For example, switch in IT Department should be named IT-switch, the gateway of the research department network should be named Research-Gateway and so on.

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