Essay: Neutrality on the Internet

Essay: Neutrality on the Internet
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This would not be a good practice if a download is available to only those people who are allowed by ISPs. Discriminating attitude that the one who pays higher would get a better service is not acceptable if not predefined. Internet should not be favoring only specific sites and contents or applications over all the others to be available to user. Internet should treat all information there or thereabouts equally. These deeds should not be done because they take away user’s control from the internet activity; also it would force the matter in a disdainful way which is supported by both network workers and internet service providers. The ISPs want that the government should leave investigation and allow the market to dictate the network directives. The ISPs just want to improve services by considering competition in industry not by following regulations of any agency put by government (Block, 2007).

This was obvious that FCC was alarmed by knowing that broadband and telecommunication companies have started doing theft kind of things like blockage of VoIP application. When it happened for the first time, the matter was handled straightforwardly which resulted in paying fine and agreement on allowing VoIP applications in future. FCC had some policies and high aims. It announced its jurisdiction which enables someone to standardize telecommunication services; ensuring that the network is being managed neutrally (Block, 2007).

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