Essay: Advancements in Nintendo Gameboy

Essay: Advancements in Nintendo Gameboy
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This essay discusses advancements in Nintendo gameboy.

On the other side before the advent of PS and DS the only thing that came into mind when it comes to portable gaming was Nintendo game boy. Ever since its launch the game boy has experienced significant success in the portable gaming industry. Several advancements have been made in its different versions like the game boy advance, game boy advance SP, etc. Nintendo has made significant innovations in the gaming industry but the most revolutionized concept that they have given is that of the handheld game boy (McFerran, 2009).

According to research the introduction of game boy gave the gaming world a new direction with its portability and amazing use of colors and graphics. Another very visible advancement that has been made is the design of the machine. The design of the game boy advance is similar in look as a small laptop; this feature not only makes the game handier but also gives it an extra bit of protection from scratches and damages (Game FAQ’s).

In a nutshell if one can analyze the technological innovations made by the Nintendo game boy it would be as follows….

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