Essay: Nora in Doll’s House

Essay: Nora in Doll’s House
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German production suffers from the weaknesses in art production in the country. People are not left in suspense as everything is seen to show its end. People are not curious. “All that follows is clear” (Eikhofi and Haunschild 534).

Achieving self-realization for Nora is not a crime. Abandoning her children is immoral. She has been with her husband for a long time and now that the husband is admitting his mistakes, she should give him another chance. She should remain in marriage “for she vowed to” (London).

Nora leaves her children after she decides that they come after herself. She has to take care of herself first as “it is impossible to love somebody before you love yourself” (London). It is not possible to love others if you are taken for granted like a plaything.

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