Essay: Nora’s Goal in Doll’s House

Essay: Nora’s Goal in Doll’s House
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Forging a signature is illegal but does not make one a social misfit. People are “forced by circumstances to do things they regret doing” (London). One needs to explain his or her situation to those affected. Nora should not leave her family on such grounds.

The play is shown as being about “the need of every individual to find out the kind of person he or she is and to strive to become that person” (Meyer). Nora is out to live her family for self-realization purposes.

Torvald asks for forgiveness to show that he is not as rude and gallant as he seems. He realizes that he cannot live without his wife and even begs her to stay. He “strives to keep his family together as a caring husband and father” (Meyer).

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