Essay: Nursing and Drug Abuse

Essay: Nursing and Drug Abuse
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The information provided in the book can be used to implement counseling and treatment strategies of drug addicts during recovery stage to restrain them from going back. The role of health counselors, psychologists and nurses is substantial in helping drug addicts recover from drug use and keep them motivated in order to help them in staying away from drug consumption of any nature. There are several sections in the book which identify the role of medical practitioners in helping drug addicts recover from the deadly habit. The writer states in one section of the book “In addition to these groups, everyone has a main therapist who handles their case” (Sheff, 2008, p.160).

The involvement of health care personnel such as nurses can help drug addicts in recovering from drug abuse even if they are not experts in treatment (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2006, p.480). This help can be provided by motivating the addicts during recover stage to remain abstemious and the drug abusers have a tendency to go back to drug use if proper counseling, treatment and motivation are not provided. This means that nursing professionals can help drug addicts in other ways if not by providing direct counseling. The behavioral patterns indicated in the book can be used in identifying similar patterns in drug addicts who are in the recovery stage. This identification would be helpful in evaluating whether an addict is on the right track towards recovery or has deviated and is inclined towards drug use again.

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